Stollen, Christmas Cookies & Co

Stollen (or Stolle)

... (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtɔlən] or [ʃtɔln] is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with powdered sugar or icing sugar. It is a traditional sweet German bread eaten during the Christmas season, when it is called Weihnachtsstollen (after Weihnachten, the German word for Christmas) or Christstollen (after Christ).


Photo: The Oma Way

Christmas Cookies by Oma

Yum! Time for baking Christmas cookies! But what kind? There is a huge variety of traditional German Christmas cookie recipes like:

- Vanillekipferl / Vanilla Crescents / Vanilla Horn Cookies
- Cinnamon Star Cookies
- Pfeffernüsse
- Linzer Cookies
- German Spritz Cookies
- Macaroons
- and many more

Oma (German for Grandmother) is sharing a variety of traditional German Christmas cookie recipes on her blog The Oma Way!  

Guten Appetit & Happy Holidays!

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... (German pronunciation: [ˈleːpˌku:xn]), Honigkuchen or Pfefferkuchen, is a honey-sweetened German cake molded cookie or bar cookie that has become part of Germany's Christmas traditions. It is similar to gingerbread.


... is a confection consisting primarily of sugar or honey and almond meal (ground almonds), sometimes augmented with almond oil or extract.

Spekulatius (Speculaas or speculoos)

... is a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit, traditionally baked for consumption on or just before St Nicholas' day in the Netherlands (December 5), Belgium (December 6), Luxembourg (December 6), and around Christmas in Germany and Austria. Speculaas are thin, very crunchy, caramelized, slightly browned and, most significantly, have some image or figure (often from the traditional stories about St. Nicholas) stamped on the front side before baking; the back is flat.