Christmas Pyramid

Weihnachtspyramiden are Christmas decorations that have their roots in the folklore and customs of the Ore Mountain region of Germany, but which have become popular internationally. They comprise a decorated pyramidal outer frame with candle holders and a central carousel with a rotor at the top which is driven by warm air from the lit candles. The carousel is decorated with nativity scenes and other Christmas figures such as angels and wise men, as well as worldly motifs such as mining folk and forest scenes.

During the 18th century, the Erzgebirge region was a thriving mining community. Miners handmade pyramids to take down into the mines. These simple versions were usually made of several sticks tied together in a pyramid shape with candles at the bottom. The lit candles allowed the miners to see there was oxygen in the mine. Over time, pyramids became animated with more complex designs and displayed as Christmas decorations in the home.


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The Largest Christmas Pyramid in the US

by This Is Alabama